Is Pre-Workout "Bad For Me"

Is Pre-Workout “Bad for You”

In an industry filled with many myths and stereotypes, it is our goal to help you determine fact from fiction by supplying you with sound reasoning. That being said, one of the most common things we hear people say and ask is “Isn’t pre-workout bad for you?” or “I know pre-workout is bad for me but I still take it.” So today we wanted to cover what could potentially make a pre-workout have negative side-effects and how we formulate ours to avoid these side-effects. We can guarantee you that our products are formulated to negate any potential negative side-effects pre-workouts can induce, which is why it is important to understand WHAT can make a pre-workout “bad for you” and HOW we avoid it.


What makes up our Pre-Workout?

People believe that sense most pre-workouts make them buzzing with energy and sometimes tingly that they can’t be good for you. However, this isn’t always the case as it comes down to how they are formulated. Our pre-workouts contain amino-acid based compounds that work at enhancing performance by causing vasodilation (L-Citrulline, L-Arginine) and contributing to increased ATP synthesis (Beta-Alanine, Betaine, etc). These amino acids are found in all protein-containing foods as proteins are made of series and series of amino acids bonded together and once ingested, are broken down into the individual amino acids. These amino acids are critical to your diet and used by your body to produce needed nutrients and compounds. So what pre-workout does(well ours atleast) is supply these amino acids that have a direct impact on performance enhancing at the doses needed. For example, if 6g of L-Citrulline is needed for improved vasodilation to increase performance, pre-workout supplies this dose when other foods would only provide a fraction of that because they contain many other amino-acids. Your body is made to process and utilize these amino acids, and when you are putting your body under the serious stress of physical training day-in and day-out, it needs these increased doses of these amino acids related to improving muscle repair and output to keep up with the demand for nutrients within muscle tissue. Your body is utilizing these amino acids ingested to increase production of needed nutrients or increase the transport of them, not just simply making your body filter them out and taxing your organs such as the liver or kidneys. Amino acids are the basis of proteins, which are the basis of our entire bodies, so supplementing with clinical doses that improve performance do not have negative effects.

Compounds such as Creatine and Beta-alanine(Amino-Acid L-alanine in the beta form) that work to improve cellular respiration and generate more ATP do not have negative side effects if formulated correctly either. These compounds are naturally occurring and you ingest them everyday in your diet. Your body utilizes them in cellular respiration to increase it’s ATP production and improve your performance by allowing your muscle tissue to have better access to needed energy for contractions. If you’re utilizing these compounds for naturally occurring reaction in your body, they have positive effects that aren’t harmful. Also, to note why Beta-Alanine makes you tingle, this is because this unique version of L-Alanine also has an affinity for one of your receptors that cause the itch sensation in your body. This is a harmless effect known as paresthesia.

When can Pre-Workout Become Harmful?

Pre-Workout can have negative side-effects when it is formulated improperly and contains impurities that do have to be filtered out by your body. These impurities do not contribute to natural processes in the body, so your body has to filter them out to excrete them. This is why you need to really trust the company whose products you are consuming to know that they are using pure compounds (one of the things we pride ourselves on, using patented, pure compounds).

Another detail many companies don’t pay attention to is the side-by products produced by the body when you are increasing the production of another product for performance enhancement. For example, if you’re increasing the amount of ATP production in the body, you will also be increasing the amount of by-products produced from that process. While many of these by-products are recycled and re-used, some have to be filtered out and excreted. For example, an increase in ATP synthesis can result in the increase production of the by-product Ammonia. Ammonia is filtered out by the kidneys regularly, but too much can tax the organ. That’s why you have to be aware that you are increasing the amount of these by-products and include other compounds that can neutralize them.

One last way pre-workout can be harmful is the over-dosing of stimulants. Many pre-workouts contain a ton of cheap stimulants at high doses as these are the compounds that you will instantly feel the most. However, over-dosing of stimulants is the main way pre-workouts can be harmful as this can lead to drops in blood pressure, increased heart rate, arrhythmias, and damage to cardiac tissue. Also, too many stimulants actually take away from performance as it gives you that empty, jittery feeling

How we avoid these negative-effects

CATEGORY5™ avoids these potential side- effects by being aware of them by understanding the science behind all of it and formulating accordingly. We use pure, patented, compounds without fillers so you are ingesting amino-acid based compounds that your body will directly utilize, avoiding the additional tax on your liver and kidneys. Also, we are aware that using compounds to increase your ATP production can lead to increases in by-products such as Ammonia, so we formulate our products with compounds such as AKG which actually neutralize the ammonia by deprotonating it (takes a hydrogen away from Ammonia (NH3) and makes it (NH2) which can be utilized by the body for protein synthesis). We address the third problem mentioned of over-dosing of stimulants by using pure compounds to enhance the effects of stimulants such as caffeine instead of simply increasing the dose. We consider any doses of caffeine over 325mg in one sitting a cardiac risk so we will never dose that much or more than that. However, we don’t even have to because we use compounds such as TeaCrine® and Dynamine™ to help enhance the effects of the caffeine. This allows us to deliver you guys more energy, at lower, much safer doses of the stimulant.

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