SARMs & Prohormones; What are They and Which are Better?

Prohormones have been a staple of bodybuilding and performance enhancement for quite some time now but have been limited ever seen becoming highly regulated with the passing of HR 4771 which saw the end of popular PH's DMZ, MSTEN, & more. However, the industry is always evolving and new/ non-banned options are still available as well as the newly introduced SARMs (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators). So here we'll take a brief glance at each for comparison:

What are Prohormones?

The name "prohormone" generally refers to a compound that is a precursor to a hormone- but in our case we're talking about a compound that is a precrusor to an androgen. Androgens are hormones such as testosterone & Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), that have bind to and activate androgen receptors which are responsible for male sex characteristics. What is important about that is the ability of androgens to trigger muscle & strength increases along with decreased fat which what makes these compounds great performance enhancers. While prohormones activity work in the same exact manner as anabolic steroids, the potency differs due to the route each compound takes which is also what separates prohormones from anabolic steroids. Steroids are terpenoid lipids that are utilized directly by the body with higher efficiency while prohormones are compounds that are not active and must be metabolized by the liver and converted into it's active form downstream. This lowers potency as some of the dose is lost in the process. While the potency isn't as strong as anabolic steroids, prohormones still carry great positive effects while eliminating negative ones which is why our TEST Fx formula contains 100mg Androstenolone per capsule. For more information on the exact mechanism of this prohormone check out our breakdown here in the product description!

What Are SARMs?

Selective-Androgen-Receptor-Modulators are just that, they selectively bind androgen receptors (in theory, which will get to). The idea behind these compounds are great; create a compound that binds androgen receptors on only muscle tissue and nowhere else. One of the biggest problems with androgens are the negative side effects from the androgen binding receptors in different places on the body such as your prostate or liver which can cause overgrowth or even increase the chance of cancer. So, SARMs are attempting to negate that by being compounds that only bind androgen receptors on muscle tissue (that's the Selective part)- you get growth in your muscle but not in other organs. 

The Controversy

While that sounds great and potentially can be, there are two major problems with these compounds which are the reasons SARMs can not technically be sold in the US for human consumption:

  1. These are brand new, synthetic chemicals that we have no idea long-term negative side effects for. They can end up being great, novel inventions or some of the worst carcinogens found- we unfortunately just don't know yet
  2. None of the SARMs developed are truly selective for muscle tissue. This means you are still going to have binding of androgens to other places in the body, not just muscle tissue.


While both compounds exhibit performance enhancing effects and carry great results working as androgens, they both carry their negative sides as well. We feel that prohormones are still the way to go because as long as they are not abused, the vast majority of people never experience negative side effects from them and they've been around for decades. SARMs on the other hand just carry too much of a risk with their reward still being shaky. Check out TEST Fx and our PCT MAX bundle for all your Prohormone needs!

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