Top 5 Pre-Workout Supplements of 2020

How We Ranked The Top 5 Pre-Workouts of 2020

Pre-workout type supplements are one of the biggest selling products on the market and for good reason; when formulated correctly pre-workout offers incredible performance enhancement capabilities for any athlete. We have taken into account the following parameters in order of priority to rank the top 5 pre-workouts for 2020:

  1. Formula: The most important factor when determining a pre-workout is formula. The amount of ingredients, their doses, and how effective each ingredient is, as well as if it contains any fillers or unnecessary dyes/preservatives
  2. Product Cost: We found that for most buyers the cost of a supplement is largely important. Many companies overcharge for sub-par formulas or cut the amount of servings so we've taken into account cost per serving as the 2nd parameter
  3. Flavor/Mixability: How a pre-workout tastes and sits in your stomach is a big detail for finding the best product. Mixing smoothly into water while tasting good is always a challenge for any company- especially if you have an ingredient packed formula.

Who Ranks in The Top 5?

5. DVST8 White Diamond by Inspired Nutraceuticals

Servings: 20 (to get the clinical doses)

Cost: $49.99

Cost per Serving: $2.49

Dyes/Fillers: No Dyes and only uses natural flavors which is a plus.

Flavor/Mixability: 6.5/10

DVST8 is a great preworkout that contains above clinical doses of staple ingredients such as L-Citrulline at 8g and Betaine at 6g. It also has a clinical dose of 3.2g beta-alanine which is always a big factor. Containing a little over 21g of active ingredients and patented ones such as Aquamin, Dynamine, and AstraGin, this formula is off to a great start. However, we believe the money spent on the  Aquamin could've been allocated somewhere else as many don't see a difference with it which is comparable to the AstraGin. The proprietary blend of energy and focus compounds doesn't allow us to determine the amount of Dynamine this formula contains and they do only use the 40% active version. However this formula does contain someother great compounds like Hordenine and Synpherine.


4. Outlift by Nutrex Research

Servings: 20

Cost: $37.99

Cost per Serving: $1.89

Dyes/Fillers: No Dyes and only uses natural flavors which is a plus.

Flavor/Mixability: 9/10

Outlift made it on our list because its a pretty straight forward formula that tastes great and only uses natural flavors and no dyes while being one of the cheapest on our list. With 8g Citrulline Malate and 3.2g Carnosyn Beta-Alanine, this formula definitely covered the basics. Its also has 6g of BCAAs and 2g Taurine which is great for building muscle as well. Other than that there's not much that adds innovation as it still uses creatine monohydrate and only contains 150mg of N-Acetyl-L-tyrosine. It's 350mg of caffeine will surely be felt though.


3. PRE Extreme V5 by NutraBio


Servings: 20 

Cost: $45.99

Cost per Serving: $2.29

Dyes/Fillers: No Dyes as they actually use beet root to color the powder and contains the average amount of preservatives

Flavor/Mixability: 8/10

PRE Extreme is a unique formula that packs in approx. 40.55g of active ingredients which the majority come from 15g of Cluster Dextrin which is a pretty significant dose of carbs for a pre-workout. The formula delivers 21 ingredients including 5 patented ones as well as great building ingredients including; 3.5 L-Leucine, 2.5g Betaine, 2g Taurine, but unfortunately still uses Creatine monohydrate which is dosed at 3g. Nutra-Bio definitely has the highest form of transparency where the tell you the source of their ingredients and even disclose the amounts of non-active "other ingredients". Nutra-Bio has a great formula here with solid doses but they use a lot of pretty mainstream ingredients with little innovation. The Cluster Dextrin is the main selling point of this formula and all other ingredients are at clinical doses with some solid additions like hordenine and Choline Bitartrate.


2. Ultra Pre-Workout by Darkside Supplements

Servings: 20 

Cost: $49.97

Cost per Serving: $2.49

Dyes/Fillers: Contains Artificial dyes and normal preservatives 

Flavor/Mixability: 9/10

Darkside's Ultra Preworkout lands at the #2 spot on our list for good reason. With a little over 17g of active ingredients it's pretty packed but its innovation is the best you'll find. This formula is brand new and contains 7 patented ingredients at adequate doses. The highlights of this formula is the Teacrine® which is at an okay dose since its only 40% active. The pump complex with 8g of Citrulline Malate with 1g of Agmatine Sulfate is more than enough for great pumps and the stimulant effects will be great with the 100mg of Octopamine which is rare to see especially combined with a full gram of Choline DL-Bitartrate. You will also see additional benefits of fat loss with the s7 Green Coffee Bean based blend. The only spots this formula looses some points to where it lands at #2 is the use of dyes, the cost, and the fact that some of the ingredients like AstraGin and Infinergy could've been swapped for more synergistically working ingredients.



Servings: 25 

Cost: $39.99

Cost per Serving: $1.59

Dyes/Fillers: No Artificial dyes and normal preservatives 

Flavor/Mixability: 9/10

N.O. SPOT V3 lands #1 on our list because it's the most perfect formula delivering the most value which is why we developed it for you. The Nitric Oxide blend deliveres synergestically working ingredients at clinical doses: the 2 full grams of L-Arginine AKG raises N.O. levels immediately, followed by 6g Citrulline Malate which is converted into Arginine then N.O. in the body and that's combined with a potent 300mg dose of norvaline to block the enzyme that degrades N.O. so your effects are greater and prolonged. The strength blend contains all the essentials with a clinical 3.2g dose of beta-alanine, 5g BCAAs (heavily favored for leucine at a 3:1:1 ratio), then 1.5g betaine. This formula shines in its Energy/Focus complex that brings a solid dose of fast-acting caffeine anhydrous at 275mg with huge doses of pure Dynamine at 50mg and the brand new isopropylnorsynepherine at 25mg. This ingredient is brand new and super effective-read more about it here! This formula tastes great, has no dyes and is the cheapest on our list with 25 servings leaving it the best preworkout for 2020!


Taking into the account the formulas, cost, and taste of the above formulas we rated them as un-biased as possible and any of these above formulas will surely bring great results. Please reach and contact us with any questions or drop your favorite pre-workout below in the comments!


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