What is Dynamine™ and How Does it Work?

Dynamine™ is the pure, trademarked compound of methylliberine patented by Compound Solutions, Inc. Methylliberine is extracted from coffee beans, tea, cola nuts, guarana, cocoa, and yerba mate and is similar to the structure of other alkaloid compounds we have used such as TeaCrine™, but is slightly different. It is a purine alkaloid, the same class as caffeine, meaning it is based off the purine molecular structure that includes a pyrimidine ring fused to an imidazole ring, making it water soluble. Its mechanism works by preventing adenosine from binding its receptors which cause sleepiness and fatigue, however it has also been shown to inhibit dopamine reuptake. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter secreted by the brain that plays a crucial role in cognitive actions and memory as well as providing the feeling of “happiness”. Methylliberine works to inhibit the reuptake ofdopamine by blocking the Dopamine Transporter protein responsible for pumping dopamine secreted by the brain out of the synaptic cleft (where it can interact with receptors to become active) back into cytsol where other cells can store it for later use. By inhibiting the pumping of the dopamine back into cytsol, more dopamine can interact with receptors and generate its’ effects as it becomes active. By blocking adenosine receptors responsible for drowsiness and enhancing dopamine effects making it extremely effective in promoting energy and mental focus.

Dynamine™ is not a stimulant as it does not raise blood pressure or heart rate and does not cause the crash (due to its longer half-life) and does not cause the jittery feeling caffeine does in high doses. The body adapts to caffeine a lot quicker than it does to Dynamine™ as well, causing a tolerance to it to be much less than that of caffeine. The best part is that Dynamine™ has been shown to work syngerestically with caffeine to enhance and prolong its effects while helping to eliminate the negative side effects to achieve a serious calm alertness. The combination of Dynamine™ and caffeine allows for smaller doses of caffeine to be ingest to achieve more effective results, making it less stressful on your heart. Dynamine™ greatly enhances focus and energy without raising heart rate or blood pressure, and your body does not build a tolerance to it.

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