GoldStack™: N.O. Spot™ + Hurricane Bundle

GoldStack™: N.O. Spot™ + Hurricane Bundle
Pre/Higher-Stim: GoldStack™ - CATEGORY5™
Pre/Higher-Stim: GoldStack™ - CATEGORY5™
Pre/Higher-Stim: GoldStack™ - CATEGORY5™
Pre/Higher-Stim: GoldStack™ - CATEGORY5™
Pre/Higher-Stim: GoldStack™ - CATEGORY5™
Pre/Higher-Stim: GoldStack™ - CATEGORY5™
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Get one bottle of N.O. Spot™ and one bottle Hurricane, formulated to work perfectly together. Combine and save.

Introducing The Strongest Pre Yet

Combining 1 Scoop of N.O. SPOT™ with a full scoop of HURRICANE is one of the most potent pre-workouts you’ll ever experience. Our products have been formulated with the intent to be directly mixed together and the combination of HURRICANE with N.O. SPOT™ is one of our staples. No other formula includes such a vast array of synergistically working energy /focus compounds with such a serious strength and pump profile. Not only does this stack provide all of the muscle building and priming nutrients your body needs before a workout including;

-8g BCAAs

-11.5g PUMP

-14.5g STRENGTH Boosting Compounds

-Betaine Anhydrous AND Cluster Dextrin™

-5 Potent Nootropics- 3 Patented

This stack is for the most experienced athletes looking for the next best combination of performance enhancing compounds. You can waste your time with generic formulas fueled by cheap, typical compounds or experience new, innovative, pure, and highly effective ones.

What Makes GoldStack So Different Than Other Pre-Workouts?

GoldStack is formulated with several different complexes that cover all aspects of training, but what makes it unique is the compounds these complexes contain actually work together to increase each's effectiveness-specifically the ENERGY/FOCUS Complex. This sees a mindblowing 5 potent nootropics mixed together with caffeine to provide the most euphoric energy, mood, and focus increases you have ever experienced. We combined strong catecholamine reuptake inhibitors 2-Amino-5-methylheptane, N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine, Dynamine, Teacrine, with a racetam-like compound that influences acetylcholine levels and activates ADMA+NDMA pathways-Noopept. So before you even get the energy boost from the caffeine, your energy levels along with mood and focus will be through the roof. We then added an additional 275mg of Caffeine which works on adenosine receptors to block fatigue signals. Combining catecholamine reuptake inhibitors has been shown to greatly reduce tolerance to caffeine, allowing you to get enhanced effects with smaller doses. This prevents you from experiencing the negative side-effects of too much caffeine which include the jitters, anxiety, and crashes. Combine this with 11.5g of Pump elevating compounds and 14.5g of Muscle Building Nutrients, it will be impossible to not feel the effects and see the results from over 32g of Active Ingredients!

The Dynamine-Teacrine Effect

This graph compares the effects produced by DYNAMINE™ as compared to the TeaCrine®. The mechanisms behind these compounds are very similar, as they both work on adenosine receptors and dopamine receptors to combat tiredness and fatigue while improving energy, mood, and focus. As you can see, DYNAMINE™’s effects are much more prevalent early on after ingesting , and it produces more potent effects than TeaCrine®. However, the half-life is lower and DYNAMINE™ wears off after 3 hours, as compared to TeaCrine® which lasts well over 8. As you can see, both DYNAMINE™ and TeaCrine® have well documented effects and work extremely well when combined due to their varying lifespans. However, they both also function extremely well together and produce effects you will not build as big of a tolerance to like caffeine.

How Does GoldStack Also Build Muscle?

Goldstack, in conjunction with it's potent ENERGY/FOCUS complex, also contains an additional 26g of muscle gorging and nitric oxide blasting compounds to elevate performance and actually build muscle tissue. This makes GoldStack far superior to other pre-workouts who's average serving size is 8g- more nutrients=more results. These ingredients work by both increasing nitric oxide levels to provide more nutrients to your muscle tissue and delay fatigue, and also provide other needed nutrients that actually contribute to muscle repair and growth. Check out our in-depth breakdowns of all the compounds featured in this formula:

PUMP- 11.5g
-Beta-Alanine- 5g
-L-Citrulline Malate- 2g
-Pure L-Citrulline- 3g
-L-Arginine AKG- 1g
-Taurine- 500mg
-L-Leucine- 5g
-L-Isoleucine- 1.5g
-L-Valine- 1.5g
-Betaine Anhydrous- 1.5g
-Cluster Dextrin™- 5g
-Noopept- 10mg
-2-Amino-5-methylheptane (natural, more potent version of DMHA)- 65mg
-TeaCrine™- 50mg
-Dynamine™- 75mg
-N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine- 750mg
-Caffeine Anhydrous- 275mg

Who Is GoldStack For?

GoldStack was made for any athlete looking for a new edge to their training regiment as the average pre-workout isn't cutting it. Whether your cutting or bulking goldstack is a great fit as it will improve your workouts while fueling lean muscle growth without creatine. If energy/focus+pump is your priority, GoldStack is for you.

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