Ultra Vita For Him
Ultra Vita For Him
Ultra Vita For Him
Ultra Vita For Him

Ultra Vita For Him

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An Advanced Multivitamin With Immune + Testosterone Support

The majority of men today face numerous health problems that a lot of the time arise from something as simple as not receiving enough vitamins and minerals from their diet. Due to processing of foods and even water filters that remove a lot of naturally occurring nutrients from our water, many vital nutrients are missed out on daily. We formulated this highly advanced multivitamin to not only supply vital doses of these vitamins and minerals, but also added 3 unique complexes that address aspects of man's life that are typically diminished from a sub-par diet. This formula goes far beyond your normal multivitamin by not only supplying a vast array of vitamins+minerals, but helping to increase test production+libido, immune function, and even skin+energy through it's antioxidant blend. We have included over 30 active ingredients that will lay the firm base you need to carry out your daily activities while even improving how you function while doing so. Stop wasting your time with knockout off vitamins that are giving you the bare minimum and address all aspects of a man's life.

What Are The Benefits of ULTRA VITA FOR HIM?

  • Supplies 20 Vitamins+Minerals Needed for Optimal Function
  • Contains Vitamins A-E, 6 Forms of Vitamin B, Folic Acid, Etc.
  • Contains 8 Minerals including Copper, Iron, Manganese, Magnesium, Etc
  • Includes Biotin To Aid Hair Health
  • Male Support Blend to Increase Natural Test Production
  • Immune Support with Spirulina to Aid Immune Function
  • Antioxidant+Energy Blend
  • Over 30 Active Ingredients
  • Veggie Capsules with No Fillers


We packed a lot of active ingredients into this formula because we know what the typical male is lacking and how we can improve his overall health and performance which is why you need 2 capsules daily! Just take these 2 capsules in the morning with some food to help absorption and you will feel the effects in no-time!

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-Contains No Fillers or Additives
-Veggie Capsules with No Artificial Dyes
-FDA+cGMP Registered Manufacturing Facility
-Biochemist Engineered
-Over 30 Active Ingredients
-3 Unique Male Specific Blends

The statements above have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.