N.O. Spot V3: All-In-One Nootropic Pre-Workout Supplement Category5
N.O. Spot V3: All-In-One Nootropic Pre-Workout Supplement Category5
N.O. Spot V3: All-In-One Nootropic Pre-Workout Supplement Category5
N.O. Spot V3: All-In-One Nootropic Pre-Workout Supplement Category5
N.O. Spot V3: All-In-One Nootropic Pre-Workout Supplement Category5
N.O. Spot V3: All-In-One Nootropic Pre-Workout Supplement Category5
N.O. Spot V3: All-In-One Nootropic Pre-Workout Supplement Category5
N.O. Spot V3: All-In-One Nootropic Pre-Workout Supplement Category5

N.O. Spot™ V3: All-In-One Nootropic Pre-Workout Supplement

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Push Your Workout To The Edge

N.O. Spot V3 is scientifically engineered to provide cutting edge results and maximum physical output. Packed with the optimal blend of power building ingredients, N.O. Spot V3 elevates muscle repair and energy so you can be ready to attack your workouts day in and day out. 


Chase The Perfect Pump

By surging vascular output and transforming your body into a factory designed to produce raw muscle, N.O. Spot V3 immediately sends your mind, body, and focus into maximum overdrive. One recommended dose of our perfectly formulated complex heightens your workout for an intense outcome without unwanted side effects. 


Train With Heavier Loads

N.O. Spot V3 surges blood to your muscles during the most critical moments of your lifts. With a nitric oxide boost accompanied by widened blood vessel canal ways, you can increase strength levels beyond what you previously thought was possible. 


Energize Your Body

Your body’s energy level will surge with our synergistic blend of energy-adding compounds designed to help you cruise through complex and demanding workouts. N.O. Spot V3 converts your brain into full adrenalin and neural transmit mode, allowing you to sustain the highest levels of power and focus critical to an amazing pump.


Unearth What’s Possible

N.O. Spot V3 defies expectations by providing the building blocks you need for an explosive workout, streamlined recovery, and non-stop energy. Convert your body into a freight train capable of bursting through any and all obstacles in your way! With years of clinical research backed by a leading team focused on next generation fitness results, N.O. Spot V3 is the perfect solution to take your fitness level above and beyond even your most ambitious goals!


Grab today and give yourself an edge!

It is the right time to take your fitness journey to a whole new level.


Flavor: Pink Lemonade

Servings: 25


Nitric Oxide Matrix


Strength Blend

Energy & Focus

The Science

N.O. SPOT was not created overnight and serious amounts of effort and money were invested into developing a formula that provided unmatched results while also tasting great and cutting out unneeded additives such as artificial dyes. Formulated by our own biochemist, much thought was put into creating the most effective ingredient combinations while minimizing bad taste or poor mixability. Check out how N.O. SPOT contains unique ingredient combinations to maximize performance:

(Click each compound name for a more in-depth breakdown)



Pump Complex Upgrades, Hello Triple Threat:

We simplified our Pump complex to just three ingredients at highly-effective doses and synergestically working properties. This complex contains:



  1. Clinical Dose of 6g Citrulline Malate 2:1- a key intermediate in the Urea cycle (excretion of ammonia from the breakdown of amino acids) and by-product of nitric oxide synthesis from arginine that is eventually recycled and used to generate more nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is a cell signaling molecule that is involved in vasodilation (opening blood vessels getting more blood and nutrients to the muscle), insulin secretion, the formation of new blood vessels, and neural development. This form is attached to the anion form of malic acid-malate, which is used in the krebs cycle to generate ATP.
  2. Potent 2g Dose Arginine AKG 1:1- Arginine is an amino acid that is directly converted to nitric oxide by nitric oxide synthase which is metabolized more rapidly than citrulline. This form is attached to alpha-ketoglutarate (AKG); a compound involved in various beneficial processes such as the Krebs cycle, nitrogen transport, and interactions with molecular oxygen
  3. Clinical dose of L-Norvaline- this amino acid works synergistically with citrulline malate and arginine AKG as it blocks the enzyme that breaks down arginine to urea-arginase. By inhibiting this enzyme, more arginine (remember citrulline is recycled to arginine than nitric oxide) can be converted into nitric oxide and not broken down to urea.



Strength Building Matrix; Build the Muscle You're Training For

We included in this preworkout formula not only massive pumps and crazy energy, but compounds proven to prime muscles for heavy training and repair them through elevating molecular processes. This matrix also contains 3 highly-dosed ingredients that all cover different aspects of building muscle:



  1. Clinical 3.2g Dose of Beta-Alanine- this a unique form of L-alanine that is utilized by the body to directly synthesize carnosine by combining it with L-histidine. This compound is in high concentrations in the brain-where it acts as a neural transmitter and muscle tissue where it buffers cellular pH. This is critical while training as cellular pH usually becomes acidic during exercise from the increased energy production and Beta-Alanine offsets fatigue by helping resist that change
  2. Effective 5g Dose of BCAAs 3:1:1- Branched-chained amino acids are ones that contain only carbon and hydrogen side chains-known as aliphatic. These compounds, especially Leucine are shown to influence protein synthesis rates. The higher your cellular concentrations of Leucine, the more protein synthesis will be occurring resulting in cell growth. The 3:1:1 represents the ratio of Leucine to isoleucine, to valine with our doses being obviously dependent on leucine. The other two BCAAs are added mostly because of their similarity to Leucine.
  3. Strong 1.5g Dose of Betaine- Also known as trimethyl glycine, this is a modified form of glycine found in sugar beets. It is extremely efficient in working as an osmoylte aiding cellular hydration, as well as being a potent methyl-group donor in conjunction with Vitamin B12 in various cellular pathways.



3 Benefits from 3 Compounds working together; Innovative Energy/Focus/Mood Matrix

If we haven't sold you yet, this is where N.O. SPOT really begins to separate itself from all the others. We have combined the ever reliable caffeine with two potent nootropic-stimulant like compounds to add effects while also improving the experience from the caffeine. These compounds work slightly different to raise energy, mood, and focus while helping eliminate tolerance to caffeine and unwanted side-effects:



  1. Perfect 275mg Dose of Caffeine- caffeine is one of the best performance enhancers over the course of history due to its ability to block receptors for the signalling molecule responsible for fatigue- adenosine while also interacting with some automic nervous system receptors. This raises heart rate causing more blood to be delivered to your muscles and energy to maximize physical output. This dose is enough for even the most experienced users (especially combined with the other 2 ingredients)  but doesn't cause negative side effects such as jitterness, anxiety, or crashes.
  2. Potent 50mg Dynamine- we we're one of the first to use it and it's not going anywhere! Dynamine is similar to TeaCrine, except that it's effects hit you much quicker. Dynamine works as a catecholamine reuptake inhibitor-meaning that it blocks proteins from taking catecholamines (dopamine, norepinepherine, epinepherine) out of the synapse to be recycled. So you get the increased energy, mood, and focus increases from the catecholamine without taking synthetic versions or making your body produce more- you're actually helping these molecules work more efficiently
  3. Unmatched 25mg Dose of Isopropyloctopamine- also known as isopropylnorsynpherine, this molecule is highly similar to norepinepherine, a potent lipotyic and stimulant compound that works by binding what are known as β-Adrenergic receptors, especially the β-Adrenergic 3 receptor which causes huge increases in energy caused by the breakdown and release of fat tissue.

Supplement Facts

Our Guarantee

N.O. SPOT V3 underwent series and series of trail formulations and sampling before it ever came close to coming through to fruition. Containing high doses, and several unique ingredients that are extremely bitter/mix poorly, we had to take our time to focus on producing a high quality, great tasting products. We ran over three rounds of multiple flavoring trials and even more mixability ones to ensure the powder was made to perfection. All this was done inside our cGMP/cGLP Research & Development lab located in Norcross, Georgia! We spent way more money on this quality than anyone else in the industry and that's why we're selling directly to you online! Prove to yourself what we're saying is the truth and shatter your performance plateaus with N.O. SPOT!


All CATEGORY5™ products are manufactured in an UL NPA certified, FDA Inspected cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice) certified facility. This ensures that our facilities comply with all Current Up To Date Food and Drug Administration regulations and requirements for the manufacturing of our supplements. Every single raw material used in our products is identity tested before production at a minimum and all finished products are submitted to rigorous quality control and assurance processes and procedures prior to being released to our Products. Guaranteeing the quality and safety of every bottle of  CATEGORY5™ product continues to be at the core of our business and our vision. We guarantee  satisfaction or your money back!


*cGMP refers to the Current Good Manufacturing Practice regulations enforced by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). CGMPs provide for systems that assure proper design, monitoring, and control of manufacturing processes and facilities