Yoked-Up™ Stack - CATEGORY5™
Yoked-Up™ Stack - CATEGORY5™
Yoked-Up™ Stack - CATEGORY5™
Yoked-Up™ Stack - CATEGORY5™
Yoked-Up™ Stack - CATEGORY5™
Yoked-Up™ Stack - CATEGORY5™
Yoked-Up™ Stack - CATEGORY5™
Yoked-Up™ Stack - CATEGORY5™
Yoked-Up™ Stack - CATEGORY5™

Yoked-Up™ Stack

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The All-In-One Lean Mass Gaining Formula

The Yoked-Up Stack is a unique combination of ingredients that work to shatter plateaus, pack on muscle, and help drop fat. We have combined our All-In-One PreWorkout N.O. SPOT (Pink Lemonade) with our Test Complex TEST Fx and the optional PCT MAX as a post cycle therapy to help regulate all your hormone levels after you discontinue TEST Fx. With a 9.7g STRENGTH Complex, N.O. SPOT not only delivers serious Nitric Oxide and Energy increasing compounds from its two other complexes, but it also delivers the nutrients needed to prime and repair your muscle tissue to fuel growth. This makes it a great product to stack with TEST Fx when looking for lean mass. TEST Fx is our Test Complex that delivers 100mg of the prohormone Androstenolone per capsule as well as Deer Antler to raise IGF-1 levels, 5-methyl-7-methoxyisolfavone to increase protein synthesis, and natural herbs that have been shown to increase natural testosterone production. Combining increases in the most anabolic hormones known with the right nutrients to fuel intense workouts, you are guaranteed to transform your physique.

What Are The Benefits of the Yoked-Up Stack

-Major Increases in Protein Synthesis, Recovery, and Muscle Growth

-Increased Nitric Oxide Bringing More Nutrients to Your Muscle Tissue and Fueling Massive Pumps

-Intense Energy and Focus from Nootropics Dynamine and Isopropylnorsynpherine HCl as well as Caffeine

-Increases in Muscle Mass from Nutrients, IGF-1, and Testosterone Increases

-Reduction in Body Fat % associated with Testosterone Increases

-Increase in Libido

How Does Androstenolone Work and How is It Different Than A Test Booster?

Androstenolone is considered a prohormone because it is a precursor to more potent androgens such as Testosterone and DHT (dihydrotestosterone). Androgens are hormones that have the ability in the body to bind to what are known as androgen receptors. When these receptors are bound protein synthesis increases greatly and cell growth is turned on. Two of the most potent compounds we know (they have the best affinity for the androgen receptors) are Testosterone and Dihydrotestosterone which are the compounds Androstenolone are converted to in the body. When ingested, tissues in your body metabolizes the androstenolone to generate testosterone and DHT, but androstenolone by itself also has the ability to bind androgen receptors on its own (to a lesser affinity than Testosterone + DHT). So between its conversion to potent androgens and its ability to act as an androgen by itself, Androstenolone is a great mass building compound. Since it's not methylated and not converted by the liver, there is no liver toxicity associated with this prohormone as well!

This differs from a test booster as test boosters work to increase your natural production of testosterone while prohormones actually supply an outside source. TEST Fx contains both of these types of compounds.

Why PCT MAX as Well?


Whenever outside sources of testosterone are supplemented, whether it be the actual hormone or precursors that convert to testosterone after metabolization, it is important to supplement with a PCT: Post-Cycle Therapy. While these are typically associated with the use of anabolic steroids(which we know none of you are abusing), there are many other compounds that work using that same pathway and can generate the same side-effects if a PCT is not used or not used appropriately. For example, our TEST Fx packs 100mg of DHEA per capsule- a strong prohormone that is eventually converted into testosterone once metabolized by the liver. An increase in testosterone can bring along effects from increased estrogen (as there’s more testosterone to be converted to estrogen by the enzyme aromatase), an eventual decrease of natural testosterone production, and the additional work for your liver as that is the site of detoxification for your body.

PCT MAX is a tri-blend post-cycle therapy that works in 3 different ways to provide solutions to these 3 problems:

EstroControl Blend: provides naturally occurring compounds that prevent the body from synthesizing the aromatase enzyme that is responsible for the conversion of androgens (anabolic hormones) to estrogen. Blocking the synthesis of this enzyme doesn’t wipe it out completely though, allowing you to maintain natural estrogen levels (needed for proper function and muscle growth) and you won’t have to worry about diminishing IGF-1 levels which can occur with other Aromatase Inhibitors.

TestSupport Blend: Jumpstarts and skyrockets your natural test production to avoid diminished production rates and even helps to continue to build muscle once the outside Testosterone source is stopped.

LivSupport Blend: packed with milk thistle and n-acetyl-l-cysteine, this blend helps negate any stress that can be placed on your liver and cleanses any impurities

How Should I Take PCT MAX and TEST Fx?

We recommended stacking PCT MAX with TEST Fx™️ throughout the whole cycle and then continuing the PCT for atleast 3 weeks post cycle. This will maximize results and work as an on cycle support as well as a post cycle therapy. However, if to be used as just a PCT, take PCT MAX starting on the last week of your TEST Fx cycle. TEST Fx should be consumed, 1-3 capsules daily with food. 1 Scoop of N.O. SPOT should be taken once daily, about 15 minutes prior to your workout.