Our Brand

We Assumed The Risk So You Don't Have Too

Taking the time and money to formulate the products that have launched CATEGORY5™ was a big risk. We worked for over 2 years to develop a solution to a problem; providing the most safe , effective, and innovative performance enhancers at a low cost that other competitors simply aren’t able to match. We have combined unique compounds that are proven to work together to exhibit maximum effects while being way healthier than cutting corners such as simply increasing a dose of cheap caffeine. We are extremely excited with what we have developed thus far and our goal is to reach as much as you as possible to prevent you from being persuaded by overpriced, ineffective, and even potentially unhealthy supplements. We break down all the compounds we use in our weekly blog so you know exactly what you’re putting in your body and how they fuel results superior to others out there.

We Realized The Demand For Performance Enhancers Based On Results Not Profit Margins. It's 2020 and You Deserve To Experience What Supplements Should Feel Like!