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See How We're Assuring Product Quality, Purity, and Safety By Working Closely With Our ELITE Line Manufacturer

We Assumed The Risk So You Don't Have Too

Taking the time and money to formulate the products that have launched CATEGORY5™ was a big risk. We worked for over a year to develop a solution to a problem; providing the most safe , effective, and innovative performance enhancers at a low cost that other competitors simply aren’t able to match. We have combined unique compounds that are proven to work together to exhibit maximum effects while being way healthier than cutting corners such as simply increasing a dose of cheap caffeine. We are extremely excited with what we have developed thus far and our goal is to reach as much as you as possible to prevent you from being persuaded by overpriced, ineffective, and even potentially unhealthy supplements. We break down all the compounds we use in our weekly blog so you know exactly what you’re putting in your body and how they fuel results superior to others out there.

We Realized The Demand For Performance Enhancers Based On Results Not Profit Margins. It's 2018 and You Deserve To Experience What Supplements Should Feel Like!

Hear Directly From Our Owner/Biochemist-Erik Tremblay

Erik Tremblay, one of our co-founders and lead product developer, talks about how we got started and grew from a residential based company started by two college kids to now having a commercial supply chain and warehouse. Featured on @Behindthesupps Podcast

Full Interview: https://soundcloud.com/behindthesupps/ep7-winning-with-word-of-mouth-marketing-in-a-digital-media-age-ft-erik-tremblay-wthe-category-5

How Do We Achieve Such High-End Products At Such Competitive Prices?

Every company we know of within the industry is focused on one thing; simply moving as much qty as they can. In order to do that they enlist the help of distributors and retailers to get the product on the shelf and in front of people’s faces for them to buy. As that is highly effective for moving more quantity of product to make more money, each part of that supply chain must make their profit to keep themselves sustainable which drives the cost to the consumer up. In order to help mitigate that, retailer and wholesalers dictate price limits and margins to brands that they must abide by. In order to be within that threshold, other companies lower the cost per unit they pay a.k.a they make their products worse.

CATEGORY5™ is online exclusive in order to avoid this unfortunate problem plaguing the industry. Since we only sell online directly to our customers, we pour the saved money directly into the quality of our products allowing us to make the most effective and innovative performance enhancers on the market. We assume all risk this way but we are so confident in the results our supplements drive that we willingly do so. It also gives an opportunity to interact directly with our customers and better learn how we can serve them and their goals.
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How Confident Are We In Our Products?
We Personally Guarantee The Quality and The Effectiveness of Our Products As We Focus On Developing only the most Innovative Formulas. If You're Unsatisfied With The Quality Of Our Products, Send It Back To Us Within 30 Days Of The Delivery Date For A 100% REFUND!
Meet Brett and Erik

Erik Tremblay- President/Lead Product Developer- B.S Biochemistry (concentration in medicine)

"Hey Guys, Nice to meet you and welcome to the team! I am one of the co-founders of CATEGORY5 and the chemist behind developing the most innovative, effective, and safe products available. My experience in the industry has allowed us to not only get our hands on the most new and pure compounds available, but allowed us to situate our brand to constantly be updated to include the newest ingredients. We realized the demand for science-based products not one to pad the profit margins. Being highly educated in the industry we discovered that all the top companies are simply leaving out the most effective ingredients and doses due to the increased cost. We not only situated ourselves to provide you these unique compounds but also provide them constantly at the lowest prices possible on our site. Enjoy what we have created over the past year and half and join us as we grow!"


Brett Gennarelli- Operations/Public Relations

"Erik and I took the jump starting our own supplement company over a year and a half ago. During this process we have learned more then we could've ever imagined, especially about ourselves. Personal experience and research led us to discover the many problems facing the industry today. We were tired of not getting the results we knew were possible and saw an opportunity to create elite supplements that would help athletes like ourselves experience the best workouts they could have and drive the most results. We weren't always this confident about our products unfortunately. We knew with Erik’s Biochemistry background and personal experience along with taking extra precautions in choosing manufacturing facilities that are BOTH FDA+cGMP certified that our products were top-quality, but there was still some uncertainties; did we really create the best products out there? or did we believe that because we created it. We needed to hear about the results. Fortunately, over the past year we have connected with many of you and allowed you to try our products and experience the workouts and results we were experiencing from our products. We began to realize that not only were these products super effective for us but everyone that has taken them. If it wasn't for all the love and feedback from everyone we wouldn't be where we are today. This not only raised our confidence but gave us complete clarity and purpose that we must get this out to every athlete struggling to find effective products, so you too can experience CATEGORY5™ for yourself and potentially change your life and your opinion of the industry overall. We are diligently working on expanding and constantly discovering new compounds and ingredients to tweak our products to perfection. Our promise is to never let larger companies or wholesalers dictate what we put into our formulas based on margins or marketing appeal. We  completely customize our formulas based on driving results. As we move forward we want all of you to be apart of Team CAT5™ and join a company you can trust on our journey to getting better each day and not letting outside sources dictate you and your goals!"

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