Terms + Conditions

Here at CATEGORY5 we want to ensure a great experience and want to make sure you feel you're getting what you're looking for out of our products! Therefore our policy includes a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee on all non-subscription purchases which abide to the following requirements:

-less than 40% of servings have been consumed

-You contact us within 30 days since the arrival of your order

-Provide a reasonable reason for return

In order to file a return contact us via email, direct message on Instagram, live chat, or our Contact Us Form!

Subscription Orders

Subscription orders are not qualified for the money back guarantee as we give the first bottles out for free, however you can cancel your subscription at any time after first charged 20% off order with no cancellation charges or fees. We cannot provide refunds on orders already processed but you will be instantly removed from the subscription with no additional costs as soon as you contact us.

The following guidelines apply to subscriptions:

-First Bottle is 100% Off, Second and Orders then on are discounted 20%. Cancellation can occur after first 20% OFF Order

-one cancellation per customer, you cannot repeatedly cancel your subscription and reorder the free bottles

-4.99 shipping is charged on all reoccurring orders


Contact Us With Questions 

For any additional information and for us to answer any questions or comments you have please contact us by any of the ways listed above!

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