Nutrobal: MK-677 by SARMs Rx
Nutrobal: MK-677 by SARMs Rx
Nutrobal: MK-677 by SARMs Rx
Nutrobal: MK-677 by SARMs Rx
Nutrobal: MK-677 by SARMs Rx
Nutrobal: MK-677 by SARMs Rx
Nutrobal: MK-677 by SARMs Rx

Nutrobal: MK-677 by SARMs Rx

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Classified as a SARM, Selective-Androgen-Receptor-Modulator, MK-677 is actually not actually an androgen modulator, it is actually a Human Growth Hormone secretagogue. This means that MK-677 actually has the ability to interact with the pitutary gland to secrete hGH. While this is still an experimental compound that is not intended for consumption, there is much promise in it's ability to selectively bind the pituitary gland - minimizing negative side effects from binding other tissues.


All our SARM's are laboratory tested and we publish the certificates of analysis to ensure our product quality. We have strict standards for the specifications of our products and they are not released to the public without meeting these specs. The Certificates of Analysis are available on the bottom of each SARM page for the lot of available of that product.


These SARMs are in a PEG (Polyethylene Glycol Solution) please inquire about any allergies.





Typical Dose Used

25mg (0.5mL) per day

It is recommended to add the SARMs into juice or a shake directly with dropper when administering doses.



Available in 30mL or 60mL amounts

A typical cycle lasts 5-8 weeks



24 Hours



A Post-Cycle Therapy is not needed with Nutrabol as it is not suppressive and does not aromatize.


Disclaimer: SARMs Rx products are furnished for LABORATORY RESEARCH USE ONLY. This product should only be handled by qualified, and licensed professionals. The product may not be used as a drug, agricultural or pesticidal product, food additive or household chemical – and may not be misbranded as such. All information on this website is available for educational purposes only. Bodily introduction of any kind into humans and/or animals is strictly forbidden by law.

Experimental Benefits

MK-677 has shown experimental benefits associated with hGH increases. This includes


  • Increase in Fat-Free Mass
  • Enhanced Sleep Quality
  • Enhanced Muscle, Bone & Ligament Recovery
  • Lowered LDL Cholesterol
  • Improved Hair & Skin Appearance


MK-677 has also shown it does not cause pituitary sensitization and it does not cause suppression of Growth Hormone by the body. It is also not associated with testosterone so this eliminates the chances of aromatization to estrogen, liver, kidney, or prostate danger


SARM's Specifications

*SR9009 has a short half-life of about 2.5 hours so we recommend splitting your doses into 2 doses taken evenly spaced out in the morning and evening. SARMs should be mixed with a beverage or shake for administering 

What Are SARM's

Selective-Androgen-Receptor-Modulators are just that, they selectively bind androgen receptors. The idea behind these compounds are great; create a compound that binds androgen receptors on only muscle tissue and nowhere else. One of the biggest problems with androgens are the negative side effects from the androgen binding receptors in different places on the body such as your prostate or liver which can cause overgrowth or even increase the chance of cancer. So, SARMs are attempting to negate that by being compounds that only bind androgen receptors on muscle tissue (that's the Selective part)- you get growth in your muscle but not in other organs.


These are experimental compounds which have not been deemed approved for consumption, but they are avaialble for research purpose. Take a look at the science listed to get an idea!

The Science

MK-677, an Orally Active Growth Hormone Secretagogue, Reverses Diet-Induced Catabolism

"In conclusion, MK-677 reverses diet-induced nitrogen wasting, suggesting that if these short-term anabolic effects are maintained in patients who are catabolic because of certain acute or chronic disease states, it may be useful in treating catabolic conditions."



Effects of an Oral Ghrelin Mimetic on Body Composition and Clinical Outcomes in Healthy Older Adults: A Randomized, Controlled Trial

"Daily MK-677 significantly increased GH and IGF-I levels to those of healthy young adults without serious adverse effects."



Stimulation of the growth hormone (GH)-insulin-like growth factor I axis by daily oral administration of a GH secretogogue (MK-677) in healthy elderly subjects

"Aging is associated with declining activity of the GH axis, possibly contributing to adverse body composition changes and increased incidence of cardiovascular disease. The stimulatory effects on the GH-insulin-like growth factor I (IGF-I) axis of orally administered MK-677, a GH-releasing peptide mimetic, were investigated. Thirty-two healthy subjects (15 women and 17 men, aged 64-81 yr) were enrolled in a randomized, double blind, placebo-controlled trial. They received placebo or 2, 10, or 25 mg MK-677, orally, once daily for 2 separate study periods of 14 and 28 days. At baseline and on day 14 of each study period, blood was collected every 20 min for 24 h to measure GH, PRL, and cortisol. Attributes of pulsatile GH release were assessed by 3 independent algorithms. MK-677 administration for 2 weeks increased GH concentrations in a dose-dependent manner, with 25 mg/day increasing mean 24-h GH concentration 97 +/- 23% (mean +/- SE; P < 0.05 vs. baseline). This increase was due to an enhancement of preexisting pulsatile GH secretion. GH pulse height and interpulse nadir concentrations increased significantly without significant changes in the number of pulses. With 25 mg/day MK-677 treatment, mean serum IGF-I concentrations increased into the normal range for young adults (141 +/- 21 microgram/L at baseline, 219 +/- 21 micrograms/L at 2 weeks, and 265 +/- 29 micrograms/L at 4 weeks; P < 0.05). MK-677 produced significant increases in fasting glucose (5.4 +/- 0.3 to 6.8 +/- 0.4 mmol/L at 4 weeks; P < 0.01 vs. baseline) and IGF-binding protein-3. Circulating cortisol concentrations did not change, and PRL concentrations increased 23%, but remained within the normal range. Once daily treatment of older people with oral MK-677 for up to 4 weeks enhanced pulsatile GH release, significantly increased serum GH and IGF-I concentrations, and, at a dose of 25 mg/day, restored serum IGF-I concentrations to those of young adults. "

Source: 10.1210/jcem.81.12.8954023 

Certificate of Analysis'

All of our SARMs are lab verified by an international third-party lab that tests and verifies product accuracy & purity by Liquid Chromatography & Mass Spectrometry with a minimum purity standard of 99% whose reports can be viewed below:


MK-677 CoA Batch 1


MK-677 CoA Batch 2