Black Ice™

Black Ice™
Black Ice™
Black Ice™
Black Ice™
Black Ice™
Black Ice™
Black Ice™
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Top Post Workout, Recovery Mass Gainer Available. Packed with over 40g of Active Ingredients including a Glycogen Restore Complex, AminoSize™ Complex, and CreaGrow™ Complex featuring: Alpha Lipoic Acid, L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine, L-Valine, L-Glutamine, Tri-creatine Malate, Creatine AKG, Creatine HCl

Gorge Your Muscles:

Black Ice is an extreme anabolic complex that is packed with everything needed to build dense muscle and prime the body for strenuous exercise by delaying fatigue and gorging your muscles with ATP driving nutrients. BLACK ICE V2™ is extremely versatile as it can be taken both pre and post workout- functioning to effectively prime muscles then fuel recovery. We recommend a 1/2 Scoop prior and 1/2 Scoop during or post workout. This formula fuels recovery and increases strength through three different complexes:

Glycogen Restore:

Glycogen is stored in muscle tissue and is broken down to glucose and utilized as energy during intense workouts. Dextrose, our bodies preferred source of energy, is a simple carb that can be absorbed rapidly making it a great tool for athletes. When taken pre-workout it provides an immediate source of ATP to improve strength and delay fatigue, and replenishes any glycogen your body consumed during your workout when taken post-workout. This combined with Chromium Picolinate and ALA allow for better absorption by increasing the cells sensitivity to the insulin.


Packed with an anabolic dose of 10 grams of amino acids,-the building blocks of protein, this phase feeds muscle tissue the fuel needed to rebuild. The AminoSize complex is formulated with only the highest quality ingredients including 7 grams of Instantized Vegan BCAA’s and an additional dose of 3 grams of Essential Amino Acids (EAAs). This is the most effective combination of amino acids because at the doses we use, the BCAAs stimulate an increase in protein synthesis within muscle tissue while your body utilizes the EAAs to actually build the proteins it needs to recover. The combination of BCAAs with EAAs in appropriate doses has shown to increase protein synthesis an additional 50%.


This complex adds icing to the cake as it provides a 6.5g array of compounds that science has shown to be critical in the building of muscle and . We packed in big doses of Taurine- an amino sulfonic acid who's concentration is highest in your heart and muscle tissue and decreases during strenuous exercise making it vital to replenish; Betaine- a cellular osmotic regulator and methyl-group donor that is critical to the formation of compounds that lead to the formation of methionine; Glutamine- a critical amino acid in preventing the catbolism (breakdown) of muscle tissue Creatine HCl- the most effective form of creatine absorption wise and easiest on the stomach without any bloat. Creatine is a must for any athlete as its metabolized to creatine phosphate, a substance directly involved in ATP production.

Should I Take BLACK ICE V2 Before or After My Workout?

As you already read, we actually recommend using BLACK ICE V2 both before and after your workout for extreme effects. This is because BLACK ICE V2 is packed with nutrients that will both prime your muscles before a workout to maximize output and flood them after your workout to fuel recovery. You can either do a 1/2 scoop before, 1/2 scoop after or go all the way up to a full scoop both before and after. BLACK ICE V2 contains 25g of Dextrose so we actually recommend adding at least a 1/2 scoop directly to your preworkout for awesome pumps and strength increases from a readily available ATP source (see purple gainz). Consuming post-workout allows this dextrose carb source to replenish diminished glycogen levels.

Who Is BLACK ICE V2 For?

BLACK ICE V2 is a nutrient gorging complex that is designed for anyone looking for a complete formula to build muscle. By functioning through three different complexes to address all aspect of building muscle, anyone who's #1 priority it is to gain should look no further BLACK ICE V2. Packed with 42g of active ingredients, it's impossible to not grow!

What Are The Benefits of BLACK ICE V2?

-Increases in Strength, Muscle Mass, and Pumps

-Enhanced Recovery from 42g of Active Ingredients

-Increased Pumps from Readily Available ATP Source

-Can Be Utilized Before + After Workouts

-Vegan BCAAs, Lab-Tested Ingredients

-Amazing Tigers Blood Flavor That Mixes Well With any Pre-Workout

Formula BreakDown:

Glycogen Restore Complex

Dextrose- 25g

Alpha Lipoic Acid- 150mg

Chromium Picolinate- 100mcg

AminoSize™ Complex

7g Vegan InstAminos™ BCAAs

L-Leucine- 3.5g

L-Isoleucine- 1.75g

L-Valine- 1.75g

EAA Blend(Blog posts coming soon!)

L-Lysine- 1200mg

L-Threonine- 800mg

L-Methionine- 400mg

L-Histidine- 300mg

L-Phenylalanine- 300mg

L-Tryptophan- 100mg

CreaGrow™ Complex

Taurine- 1g

Betaine- 1.5g

L-Glutamine- 2g

Creatine HCl- 2g