Purple Gainz™

Purple Gainz™
PreMass System- Purple Gainz™ - CATEGORY5™
PreMass System- Purple Gainz™ - CATEGORY5™
PreMass System- Purple Gainz™ - CATEGORY5™
Purple Gainz™
Purple Gainz™
Purple Gainz™
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Our Purple Gainz™ Stack is the solution to the problem for hardgainers. This stack features the combination of our All-in-One pre-workout N.O. SPOT™ and our lean recovery formula BLACK ICE. Our products are made to be combined directly together so you actually mix a scoop of N.O. SPOT™ directly with a 1/2 Scoop of BLACK ICE™ in about 8-12oz of water. This provides a nutrient gorging complex mixed with the stimulant/focus and pump a pre-workout should have making it ideal for those looking for massive pumps and quick gains in size and strength. Consume the other 1/2 Scoop of BLACK ICE either during or immediately post workout and you'll see and feel the results instantly! This stacks fully covers both pre-workout enhancement and post-workout recovery!Taking PURPLE GAINZ™ Daily Packs In: 16g Aminos, 30g Simple Carbs, 3.5g Tri-Creatine Blend, 7.5g PUMP, 1.225g Energy/Focus

The Ultimate Pre-Mass System

Named after our original formulas which contained dyes and led to a purple color when N.O. SPOT and BLACK ICE were mixed, this stack is the ultimate combination of a mass gainer and pre-workout. N.O. SPOT is our All-In-One preworkout that provides mind shattering energy/focus and pump while BLACK ICE gorges your muscles with nutrients needed to build muscle.When 1 Scoop of each is taken daily you'll drive in:

-7.5g of Pump Enhancing Compounds

-14.1g BCAA/EAAs

-30g Carbohydrate Blend

-8g CellGrowth Blend

-1.225g ENERGY/FOCUS Compounds

Because BLACK ICE V2 contains 25g of dextrose, a readily available ATP source, as well as other muscle priming compounds, we recommend mixing atleast a 1/2 scoop of BLACK ICE V2 directly with N.O. SPOT prior to a workout. This will drive serious pumps from the carb and increase strength from additional nutrients while the N.O. SPOT will blast Nitric Oxide levels as well as Energy/Mood/and Focus. We recommend consuming the additional 1/2 scoop of BLACK ICE V2 during or after your workout to fuel recovery.


Purple Gainz is great for anyone looking to pack on muscle while also needing the extra kick of energy from a preworkout. This stack focuses more on increasing performance by providing nutrients your muscle tissue needs to work and grow, compared to our GoldStack which is more stimulant based. With over 62g of Active ingredients, PURPLE GAINZ will gorge your muscles and drive serious results.

What Are the Benefits of PURPLE GAINZ?

-Increases in Strength, Muscle Mass, and Pumps

-Enhanced Recovery and Growth from 62g of Active Ingredients

-Increased Pumps from Readily Available ATP Source

-Can Be Utilized Before + After Workouts

-Mind Shattering Energy/Mood/Focus

-Amazing Taste From The Combo Of Tigers Blood+Raspberry lemonade

Formula BreakDown:


Dextrose- 25g

Cluster Dextrin™- 5g

Alpha Lipoic Acid- 150mg

Chromium Picolinate- 100mcg

AminoSize- 14.1g

7g Vegan InstAminos™ BCAAs:

L-Leucine- 3.5g

L-Isoleucine- 1.75g

L-Valine- 1.75g

EAA Blend(Blog posts coming soon!):

L-Lysine- 1200mg

L-Threonine- 800mg

L-Methionine- 400mg

L-Histidine- 300mg

L-Phenylalanine- 300mg

L-Tryptophan- 100mg

CellGrowth Blend-8g

Betaine Anhydrous- 3g

L-Glutamine- 2g

Creatine HCl- 2g

Taurine- 1g

PUMP- 7.5g

Beta-Alanine- 4g

L-Citrulline Malate- 2g

L-Arginine AKG- 1g

Taurine- 500mg


Dynamine™- 75mg

N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine- 750mg

Caffeine Anhydrous- 275mg